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There are many risks of defaulting on one mortgage payments. Defaulting on the mortgage has various advantages and disadvantages mentioned in this article.
Building home equity is an important part of becoming more financially secure. Home equity is defined as the total value of the home minus any outstanding loans taken against the house, such as a mortgage. By building home equity, a person or family can works towards having a paid off...
the unjust sub prime mortgage market designed to feed the greedy bankers
Need a mortgage but you don't have verifiable income? Try a no-doc loan.
For over two decades, tuition fees in Canada have been on a rise. Currently, their growth is roughly double our inflation and increases the financial burden of education all of us keen on learning.
Consumers who are purchasing a home in a high cost of living area or who will be purchasing a luxury or high-end home should become familiar with jumbo mortgages and conventional mortgages. Jumbo mortgages are similar to conventional loans, but they give the consumer a higher amount ...
Dubai is under a recession and this has affected the property boom. Some people who have lost their jobs are finding it difficult to pay back
Cars, houses, and babies , every one of them is going to cost you more than you expect. That’s because they all come with hidden expenses. A new car probably will raise your auto-insurance premium, for example, but few people consider that when they’re taking a test drive.
Having an insurance is quite helpful during times of calamtiy. But paying for it during peaceful times can be distressing and heavy. Should you avail a house insurance together with your mortgage and take both the benefits and risks on your finances?
Having a mortgage loan is something that can make or break a family. Does having one suit you? Should you take the risk?
How to own a house is an issue, but the mode of payment can be a bigger concern. One wrong move, and you are all set to live a life of a broke. Here are some pointers to consider on your payment scheme.
How sure are you that your payment only covers what your house is worth? If you are paying many charges, can you cut them off?
Mortgage refinancing can be helpful in terms of giving you more time in paying. But is it worth the risk of a much higher interest?
For this article, I am going to write about the difference between buying a home or renting one. Here I will give specific reasons for my choice and why one could be important than the other and how it might help some readers with their decisions.
If you need a home equity loan, you will find that there are too many home equity loan lenders in your area. Why are there so many home equity loan lenders?
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