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Tips on how to secure your finance when dealing with debt. If you are struggling with repayment that has to do with various debt types such as credit cards, household bills, loans, mortgages, payday loans and other else, read these tips to helps you managing your finance.
Bankruptcy can be a shattering experience, but getting a loan or mortgage after bankruptcy is not impossible
Read about how debts affect my simple and quite life. Know the pros and cons of being engaged with this system.
Debt should be avoided and only take to it when no option is left.
When my family had over $40,000 credit card debt at over 25% APR, we didn't know how we would ever get out from under it. With help from a credit counselor, we set up a Debt Management Plan and paid off the debt in 3 years. I got the opportunity to speak to CCOA counselors about the e...
Simply put, debt stinks. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil at times. That is unless you can pay for things like a house or a car with cash outright, which most cannot. Therefore, take these 3 warnings into consideration when dealing with debt to help you manage it along the way.
I am a middle class American who is struggling financially and there is no help for me. I have two kids and my husband is a full time student. We don't qualify for any financial assistance through the state yet cannot pay all of our bills. I am a social worker and I spend five days a ...
Getting out of debt is the smartest thing to do. Here are some tips to help you get out of debt.
It is not that easy to eliminate debts quickly. You need to analyze at least 3 factors to determine how fast debt payments should be made.
Having several debts to pay can be quite overwhelming and straining on one's finances but with proper planning on managing finances and how to go about paying each debt, the recovery process can be a walk in the park. Here are tips on how to cut debts.
“The only man who sticks closer to you in adversity than a friend is a creditor.” - Unknown
Debt can hamper your financial health in the new year. This article highlights 5 financial tips that can help you steer clear of a debt monster in the year 2013.
For all those that think there is no way out read this and you will believe!
You can get out of debt fast and easy-Learn the tricks and you will be just fine
This article is about What can Happens if You Do Not Consolidate Credit Card Debt
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